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    New idea that may revolutionize the way people use internet. It’s is based on evolving the Jabber/XMPP protocol to form of social network.
    Let’s start with “history of statuses” stored on Jabber server that forms wall/profile of user. So besides communication you can view entries of user and add new writings on your wall (probably through simple WebKit window in soft like Pidgin or other Jabber client). Then let’s extend it with nice WYSIWYG HTML editor that gives more formatting possibilities than even Facebook and add similar Summary button displaying last 10 entries of your contacts.
    I’d resign from Likes, Comments and Posting on others wall as it’s typical for Facebook. Start with getting know XMPP protocol to understand it – spread network, but global – no branding, open source. Different, but nice application it will be that has chances to grow into ultimate, well thinked of, standarized social network.
    As for backend – realization of such project seems simple. On server like Prosony in /var/lib/prosony/ we need to store besides .dat file of a user, .profile of a user with content of his wall. New entries will append, on beginning of file, additional content. Now without modyfications in XMPP protocol itself, we can program Prosony server to serve content of .profile file as a chat message when requested by i.e. [wall] request code. It’s simplest realization that can be evolved with XML parsing and JSON to transfer particular entries from a wall i.e. first ten.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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